Guide to Meetings

Addressing the Governing Body

The Village president chairs the meeting. All audience participation must go through the chair including questions and comments directed to other board members.

Citizens wishing to address the board on any topic other than those on the Committee of the Whole should step forward when the Village president asks if there are any citizens who wish to address the board. You will be asked to provide your name and address. We suggest that you limit your comments to three minutes.

Persons wishing to comment on topics to be covered under the Committee of the Whole will be heard when that specific topic is discussed.

When there is a large group present, those wishing to speak will be asked to sign up in advance. The Village president may state the amount of time allocated to the speaker, and all speakers are asked to comply with the time limit set. Speakers will not be allowed to defer their time to other speakers.

Additional guidance is found in Ordinance 2020-109, issued 9/15/2020.

Committee of the Whole Meeting

The Village Board meets in Committee of the Whole immediately following the board meeting. Committee of the Whole meetings are for general discussion and fact finding on issues before final board action is taken. Generally, an item is scheduled for initial discussion at committee level and a recommendation vote is taken.

The item is then scheduled for board action at the next regular board meeting. Occasionally, committee discussion and board action may be taken the same day when there is some urgency to the issue/action.

Village President

The Village president is the chief executive officer of the Village. The Village president (mayor) is elected for four years. The president presides at all Village Board meetings. 

The Village president approves all of the ordinances, orders, and resolutions passed by the Board of Trustees, and supervises the conduct of the officers of the Village (except trustees).

The Village president examines the grounds of all reasonable complaints made against any Village officer, and signs all commissions, permits, and licenses, and does all such other acts as shall be required of him by law or ordinance. The president reports to the board of trustees at each regular meeting.

Village Board

The trustees are elected at-large, at non-partisan elections for overlapping terms. The Village Board is the legislative body of the Village government. It determines all matters of Village policy and must approve all Village ordinances and resolutions as well as adopt the annual Village budget.

Village Clerk

The Village clerk is the keeper of the Village Seal and all records and papers and is the agent for publications of notices to comply with our Open Meetings Act. The Village clerk is a deputy registrar for voters and records legal documents pertaining to tax levies and properties.

The Village clerk attends Village Board meetings to keep a record of its proceedings.

Village Manager

During the meetings, the Village manager will often address the governing body and respond to questions. The Village manager is the Village's chief administrative officer and is appointed by the Village president and approved by the Board of Trustees.

The Village manager is responsible to the governing body for the administration of all activities, functions, and programs of the Village in accordance with state law and the policy guidelines adopted by the governing body.

Management Staff

Also attending the meeting is the Village management staff who advises the board on all legal issues. Administrative staff and department heads are also in attendance at board meetings. This may include:

  • Assistant Village Manager
  • Director of Finance
  • Director of Public Works
  • Director of Community Development
  • Chief of Police

The department heads are appointed by the Village manager with the advice and consent of the Village Board to administer certain Village operations and to provide technical assistance and information to the Village manager and governing body.