Seniors Center

Vernon Hills Seniors Organization

The Vernon Hills Seniors Organization was established in 1995 pursuant to Ordinance #95-61. The purpose of the organization is to provide a social forum for seniors to associate with their peers and engage in recreational, social and public service activities.

Membership Eligibility

Any resident of Vernon Hills over the age of 55 is eligible for membership. Please see the application for resident/non resident dues. Membership dues are payable in advance by January 30th. Elections for the Organization are held annually in December and positions are for a period of two years. Review the Seniors Organization Bylaws.

As a member you should be of a physical status that you may enter and exit the center on your own power or with the aid of a wheel chair, cane or other device. No one within Seniors Organization or member of the Village Staff is licensed to provide services for you.

Senior Center Offerings
The Seniors Organization meets in the lower level of the Village Hall in the Senior Center. The Seniors Center offers:
  • A library
  • Computers with internet capability
  • Pool tables
  • Television
  • Meeting place
  • A kitchen
Members meet regularly to play bridge, pinochle and Mah Jong as well as watch movies, celebrate birthdays and holidays. Weekly activities include line dancing, senior fitness groups, bingo and a book club. Special activities, speakers and events are always on the calendar.

Activity Calendar

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Senior Resources

Senior Resources Guide
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Elder Care Planning Guide
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Additional Information

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Vernon Hills Seniors Organization please contact Svea Tracy at 847-680-6392. Contact Lillian Garrity at 847-247-1607 with information regarding the health and welfare of any of our Senior membership.