Automated License Plate Readers


The Vernon Hills Police Department contracted with Flock Safety to install Automated License Plate Reading cameras (ALPRs) throughout the community. In total 28 units have been contracted, of which 10 ALPRs went into effect in February 2022, an additional 6 in March of 2023, and the remaining 12 ALPRs went into effect in August 2023.

Flock Transparency Portal

To promote the utmost transparency, the Vernon Hills Police Department has created an ALPR Transparency Portal, which provides statistics on the collection, storage, and use of ALPR data in the Village of Vernon Hills. Click here to access the portal:

Frequently Asked Questions

How did the Vernon Hills Police Department determine where to place ALPR units in the community?
The ALPR units are strategically placed throughout Vernon Hills based on a multipoint crime analysis of current criminal incidents, historical criminal incidents and high-density violent crime areas. The department reserves the rights to relocate the cameras as needed.

What crimes will ALPR data be used to investigate?
ALPR data is used to investigative crimes, recover stolen vehicles, and assist in locating missing and/or endangered persons. 

What is ALPR data not used for?
Civil immigration enforcement, traffic enforcement, harassment or intimidation, usage based solely on a protected class (i.e. race, sex, religion), and personal use.

How long is data from an ALPR unit stored?

ALPR data is generally maintained for a period of thirty (30) days. After 30 days, ALPR data shall be purged unless it has become, or it is reasonable to believe it will become, evidence in a civil or criminal action or is subject to a lawful action or order to produce such records. 

What safeguards are in place to protect my privacy?
ALPR data is used for law enforcement purposes only. Data is owned by the Vernon Hills Police Department and is never sold to private parties.