Copy of a Police Report

Obtaining a Copy

If you are involved in an accident, many times your insurance company will request a copy of the report themselves. If you also want a copy, they are available online at CrashLogic. These reports are available in a much quicker time frame than ordering through the Police Department. The old way required a person to complete an Accident Report Request form, get it to the Police Department and then wait for the document to be ready before coming to pick it up. Now, a report can be available 24-hours after we send it to CrashLogic. This sometimes takes a couple of days, as the officer has to complete the report and then it is reviewed and approved.


The fee for this is $11 ($5 Vernon Hills charge and a $6 convenience fee to the company). The best time to come in and request one in person is between 8:00 a.m and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. There is a $5 cash charge for a copy of an accident report.

If you want a copy of a report for something other than an accident, you will have to fill out a request form. The Chief of Police will then review the request.

Please Note

Records personnel are unable to make change for large bills, so please make sure you have the appropriate change for the type of report you are requesting.


Please contact our Records Section at 847-247-4896 or send us an email.