Vacation Watches

police guyKeeping An Eye Out

Like most other police agencies in other communities, the Vernon Hills Police Department will check your home periodically while you are away. This is a free service for the residents of Vernon Hills. There are just a few rules:
  • The request for a house watch can only come from the homeowner.
  • House watch requests in excess of 14 days will be conducted on a weekly basis instead of a daily basis.
  • We cannot conduct house watches for apartments or units that share a common door entryway to multiple units.
  • We will not conduct house watches if the home owner has someone staying in the house.

Request a Watch On-Line

To make the entire process easier, better and more consistent for all parties, we will only accept house watches that are requested on-line. 

Click here to access the on-line registration. (The link can also be found in the How Do I section on this page.)

Additional Information

When planning your vacation, don't forget to visit our Vacation Security page to learn how you can protect your home while you are gone.