Complaints Against the Department

Notice to the Public Regarding Complaints Against the Department

This notice explains how to register a complaint against the Vernon Hills Police Department or any of its employees.

"The Vernon Hills Police Department takes seriously all complaints regarding the service provided by the Department and the conduct of its members. The Department will accept and address all complaints of misconduct in accordance with this policy and applicable federal, state and local law, municipal and county rules and the requirements of any collective bargaining agreements." (Policy 1010, Section 1010.2).


Anyone with a concern should contact the employee's immediate supervisor. If the concern is not regarding the actions of a specific officer or other employee, but instead addresses a particular departmental policy or procedure, you should ask to speak with the shift commander.

If the concern cannot be resolved by the employee's immediate supervisor, you will be asked to complete a report form which identifies the circumstance, nature, and extent of your concern. The report form requests specific information that the department needs in order to make a thorough investigation.

The complainant will receive a complaint register number from the shift commander which will be used to reference your complaint when contacting the department. The status of the investigation will be communicated to the complainant periodically and at its conclusion.

Investigations shall be completed within a timely manner from the time the written complaint is registered. Exceptions shall only be granted by the Chief of Police when extenuating circumstances are present.