Overnight Parking

Requesting Overnight Parking Permission

The police may give temporary permission to park overnight on the street due to visitors, driveway repair, etc. Please note that the vehicle must otherwise be legally parked (not in violation of fire lanes, fire hydrants, post snowfall restrictions, etc.) 

Request Temporary Permission On-line

Click here to request temporary permission on-line.   (The link can also be found in the "How Do I" section above.)

Request Temporary Permission Via Phone

Permission can also be requested by phone by calling 847-362-4449, then press 5.

Extended Overnight Parking Permits

Click here to learn about Overnight Parking Permits


If you live on a private street and are not sure if you can park on it overnight, please call the above number.

The Overnight Parking Ordinance 

Village Ordinance 22-263 prohibits parking on the street between 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. While some private streets may be exempt from this ordinance, many associations have enacted ordinances prohibiting the same on private streets, thereby giving police officers the authority to issue parking tickets for overnight parking on these streets.