Social Services

Helping Residents

When faced with a crisis, people often recognize that professional help is needed, but may not know where to obtain appropriate services. The Social Services Unit offers Vernon Hills' residents and families the opportunity to work through difficulties. All services are free and confidential.

Numerous services are available, including crisis intervention, individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy. Issues such as depression, suicide, domestic violence, and marital conflict are addressed. Youth problems, including substance abuse, runaway, and parent-child conflict are some of the many areas the unit services.

The Village of Vernon Hills has contracted with OMNI Youth Services to provide social services to families and/or individuals who have been referred by the Vernon Hills Police Department. These services will be provided by OMNI Social Worker, Mr. Vel Vetri, at the Vernon Hills Police Department or in the community, as needed.

Crisis Outreach and Support Team (COaST)coast

The COaST team consists of a specially trained officer and a Lake County Health Department licensed mental health counselor.   Within approximately three days of a law enforcement officer encountering a mental health interaction, COaST arranges a meeting with the individual or a “cold call” to their residence. During the meeting, COaST checks the well-being of the person and  determines if they have sought any treatment or services since the initial event. COaST then provides a “warm handoff” to the Health Department, or if necessary, refers the person to appropriate services.

A Way Out Program

a way outThe “A Way Out” is a program developed by the Lake County Opioid Initiative to create additional treatment access points, reduce crime, reduce  substance-related harms, re-frame the role law enforcement plays in community safety, and unite the community. For too long, substance use has been stigmatized and dealt with as a criminal issue. Substance use is a public health problem that needs to be addressed as such. Lake County Opioid Initiative is committed to developing innovative ways to create positive change in our community as it regards substance use and mental health. Click here for A Way Out website