Crime Prevention Unit

The Crime Prevention Unit is comprised of a part-time civilian employee. This individual is a retired police officer who had received certified training in crime prevention techniques and methodology.

The individual in the Crime Prevention Unit is also a trained Public Information Officer who prepares news releases and responds to media inquiries.

mcgruf.gifThis Crime Prevention Officer is responsible for the coordination and implementation of numerous crime prevention / community relations programs and activities, including:
  • Citizen's Police Academy
  • National Night Out
  • Maintaining the Department's website and being the primary point-of-contact for web-related emails
  • Posting on and coordinating the Department's Facebook page and serving as the page Admin
  • Preparing newsletters and contributing to community newsletters upon request
  • Conducts and/or coordinating station tours
  • Conducting presentations to community, business and youth groups groups
  • Coordinating police-related educational viewing on the village cable channel
  • Performing security surveys
The Crime Prevention Unit maintains information and resource material on most crime, personal safety, and traffic safety topics. The Crime Prevention Unit routinely responds to citizen inquiries and concerns.

The Crime Prevention Unit can be reached by calling 847-247-4889.