Lily Pads on WaterHelp Us Control Algae

The Village of Vernon Hills establishes an annual budget for algae control. The funds are spent on algae and aquatic invasive species control with a priority on Village-owned and maintained ponds first. However, with anticipation that there will be an excess of funds available, the Village offers an Adopt-A-Pond Program to all Village residents. In doing so, it better identifies and prioritizes algae control needs throughout the Village’s various ponds.

Should a homeowner or ad-hoc group desire to have algae control applied to a Village-owned or leased pond, the Village will agree to provide 50% of the funds needed to cover the treatment costs; and whereas, the homeowner or group will be responsible for providing the other 50%. Algae control treatments can vary between $1,000-$1,400 for a typical detention pond for one season.

Complete an Application

Should there be an interest in adopting a pond, we ask that you please complete the downloadable application and map which lists the ponds that are eligible for adoption. Email your application to Carissa Hansen or mail it to the Public Works Department, 490 Greenleaf Drive, Vernon Hills, IL 60061. Applications will be processed in the order in which they are received, and once the funds are gone, they’re gone. Therefore, the Village cannot guarantee that each application received will be fulfilled. Meanwhile, should you have a specific question or concern, please contact the Director of Public Works, David Brown, at 847-918-3544.