Annual Road Rehabilitation Project


  • Prior to the start of the Village road rehab projects, the Lake County Department of Public Works staff will inspect their sanitary sewer and water distribution infrastructure and make necessary repairs within the limits of construction. Any asphalt restoration or concrete replacement needed for these items will be completed during the road rehab project. Landscape restoration shall be completed by Lake County at a later date.
  • The Village's Public Works Department will prune trees, inspect and upgrade street lighting, and replace existing signage as part of our road rehabilitation projects as necessary.
  • Mail service and trash pick-up will continue, and in the event of conflict with the construction, we will make arrangements with them.
  • School bus pick-up will not be interrupted, some delays may be experienced.

What Work is Being Done?

  • Repairs may include removal and replacement of damaged, structurally unsound and failing curb and gutter, sidewalks and pavement. Improvements to correct roadway drainage problems will also be addressed during construction.
  • Handicap sidewalk ramps will be improved to meet current codes, and some crosswalks may be realigned for safer crossing.
  • Pavement rehabilitation.
  • Concrete driveway apron removal and replacement for depression.
  • Hot-mix asphalt surface removal and patching, Hot-mix asphalt leveling binder course, Hot-mix asphalt surface course, and pavement markings.

2018 Road Rehabilitation Project

2018 Details and Scope of Work
2018 Project Area Map

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