Investigations Section

The Investigations Section plays an extremely significant role in the department's efforts to detect and apprehend offenders who commit crimes in Vernon Hills.

Investigations Section WorkersInvestigation Section Officers

The investigations section is headed by an investigations commander. There are seven additional officers who function as non-uniformed investigators in various ways. Three of these investigators perform most of the follow-up investigations; two serve as school resource officers; and two are tactical officers.


The investigations section, a part of the operations division, is responsible for the follow-up investigations of crimes and the implementation of a variety of proactive measures to reduce and stop crime.

Investigators process evidence at crime scenes and analyze patterns and criminal intelligence utilizing modern resources and techniques.The investigations section's work includes:
  • Conducting juvenile investigations in which specially trained investigators handle all cases involving victims or offenders under the age of eighteen
  • Conducting pre-employment and liquor license background investigations
  • Handling Tactical Unit investigations that utilize plain-clothes officers to target drug, gang, and stolen vehicle offenses
  • Investigating less serious offenses, such as theft, criminal damage to property, and disorderly conduct
  • Investigating major crimes, such as homicide, robbery, sexual assault, fraud, and burglary
  • Obtaining search and arrest warrants
  • Processing crime scenes and collecting evidence, including computers and digital evidence
Finally, two investigators function primarily as tactical officers. The tactical officers conduct proactive operations (sometimes undercover) and are also available to assist the patrol section when necessary.