Animal Ordinances

Boys walking their dogLaws & Ordinances

In the interest of everyone's health, safety, and peace, all residents are asked to please be considerate and adhere to the Village ordinances regarding animals. Below is a brief explanation of the Vernon Hills animal ordinances that have the greatest impact on residents.

Dog Tags

Vernon Hills does not have dog tags. However, a Lake County tag is required. Your veterinarian can supply you with the information on this.

Leash Laws

Dogs and cats are considered running at large if the animal is not on its owner's exclusively owned property, and is not under control with a leash or contained in an automobile. The leash must be no more than 8 feet in length and held by a person physically capable of controlling the animal.

Impoundment Fee

Whenever the police department takes control of a dog or cat found to be running at large, the owner of the animal is assessed a $20 impoundment fee.

Waste Removal

Unless the dog or cat is on property owned exclusively by the animal's owner, the owner must have in his/her possession an appropriate device (e.g., pooper-scooper, bag, etc.) for scooping excrement, and a place on their own property to deposit it.

Noisy Animals

If you have had to listen to a barking dog all night long, you know how aggravating it can be. Village ordinances authorize the police to investigate complaints of barking, yelping, howling, or crying dogs and cats. Owners in violation can be warned or fined where appropriate.

Animal Bites

Village ordinances require that anyone having knowledge or reason to believe that a person has been bitten to report the incident to the police department within 24 hours. Contact the Vernon Hills Police Department at 847-362-4449.

Housing Animals

It is unlawful for anyone to keep more than a total of three animals of any combination, whether it be dogs or cats, with the exception of a litter of pups or a litter of kittens, or a portion of a litter. The litter may be kept for a period of time not exceeding six months from birth, however, there is an exception for commercial establishments.


There is an escalating fine schedule for enforcement of all animal ordinances:

  • First Offense - $20
  • Second Offense - $40
  • Third Offense - $80
  • Fourth Offense - $160
  • Fifth Offense - $250

If you would like additional information or have any further questions, please contact the Vernon Hills Police Department at 847-362-4449.