How do I pay for Metra Parking?

The daily fee for parking at the Metra Station is $1.75 per vehicle. Parking is first come first serve. The Village Hall offers a 2-Month parking pass for those who use the train on a daily basis that prefer to have the convenience of a pass rather than a $1.75 in change. The pass costs $55.00 and covers 2 months at a time. Note, however, that the fee will be pro-rated as each week passes within the two-month period. Applications may be mailed into the Village Hall along with a $55.00 check two weeks prior to the beginning of a new two-month period. Your application will be processed and a parking pass will be mailed back to you

Passport Parking mobile app

The free app will allow residents and commuters to pay for parking from a mobile device. The daily price remains $1.75 per day, but there's a 37¢ per transaction user charge. Commuters can pay each day or buy a wallet in the app to draw on as needed. Commuters will also be able to monitor the time remaining on their parking session, view payment history, receive email receipts of transactions and manage their account at Monthly Metra passes or use of existing terminals is not affected. In addition to Vernon Hills, the app can also be used to pay for parking in more than 50 other suburbs.

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