Current Projects

Hawthorn Mall Redevelopment

There's so much going on with Hawthorn Mall, it has it's own page!
The Hawthorn Mall Redevelopment is being guided by the Melaniphy & Associates Retail Market Study & Store Strategy Analysis

Cuneo Mansion Property PUD

Gregg's Landing Riviera Estates Pod 18

  • 61 single family custom homes
  • Located off Gregg's Parkway, East of Lake Charles
  • Construction on going

Mellody Farms Mixed Use Development

  • Located on the NE Corner of Milwaukee Ave and Route 60
  • Concept Presentation on August 11, 2015
  • 268,000 sf retail and 260 residential units
  • Approved Nov 15, 2016 Ordinance 2016-045
  • Under construction
  • Drone flyover Sept 2018
  • Coming Soon:  Whole Foods, REI, Nordstrom Rack, Home Goods, Lazy Dog, European Wax Center, Barnes & Noble, Cafe Zupas, City BBQ, Massage Envy, Kuma's Corner, City Works, Floyd's Barbershop, B. Good, My Eye Doctor

Port Clinton Place

(The Commons II)
  • Located on the north west corner of Route 45 and Milwaukee Avenue
  • Ordinance 2018-021 approved 2/20/2018
  • Construction of 18 Townhomes
  • Under Construction

Woodland Chase

Hawthorn District 73 Kindergarten

  • To be located at 635 N Aspen Drive
  • The VHPD Sullivan Center will be expanded to accommodate the addition
  • Approved February 19, 2019  Ordinance 2019-025

Laschen Center Demolition

  • Currently located at 294 Evergreen Drive
  • American Demolition Corporation will do the demolition
  • The area will be restored to green space
  • Approved February 19, 2019  Ordinance 2019-029
Aspen Library Expansion
  • Currently located at 701 Aspen Drive
  • Construction of a 15,000 sf addition to accommodate  programming, collection & seating, for children and families and a basement for future development
  • Approved February 19, 2019  Ordinance 2019-020