Are there any parking restrictions I should know about?
OVERNIGHT PARKING RESTRICTIONS: Village Ordinance 22-263 prohibits parking on the street between 2am - 6am. While some private streets may be exempt from this ordinance, many associations have enacted ordinances prohibiting the same on private streets, thereby giving police officers the authority to issue parking tickets for overnight parking on these streets. If you live on a private street and are not sure if you can park on it overnight, you should contact your association or contact the police department.

PARKING RESTRICTIONS DUE TO SNOW: According to Village Ordinance 22-321, vehicles cannot be parked on Village streets for 12 hours after a snowfall of two inches or more. While this may serve as a minor inconvenience to some residents, it is absolutely necessary to have a free path for our snow plows to clear the streets in a timely fashion. There is limited parking for guests on streets overnight. You can call the Police Department for specifics and permission to park at your host's home.
For additional information regarding Parking Restrictions please review our Municipal Code

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