Comcast / AT&T U-verse


The cable coordinator is also the Village liaison for Comcast and AT&T. If you are having difficulty resolving billing or service issues, please document all communications. Send this information to

Reporting Fraud to Comcast

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) manages the National Do Not Call Registry, which gives you a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls. To register your phone, visit the National Do Not Call Registry website or call 888-382-1222.

Reporting a Security Threat or Scam

To report a security threat or scam received in a Comcast mailbox, forward the spam message as an attachment to Comcast Missed Spam.

Reporting a Virus / Firewall Issue

To report a virus and/or firewall issue to Comcast, cut and paste the firewall logs into an email and send it to Comcast Abuse. Please include the words “Firewall Investigation” in the subject line.

AT&T U-Verse Services

In 2007 AT&T was allowed a statewide franchise and not individual municipal franchises, such as the one Vernon Hills has with Comcast. Per this state franchise agreement, they are not required to service all of Vernon Hills or any specific community, but instead a percentage of the state of Illinois.
  • AT&T has never informed us as to where exactly their service is currently available as well as where it may be available in the future. AT&T does not provide customers with information on when service will be available. Customers should call the AT&T Customer Care Center at 800-244-4444 to check availability.
  • Existing AT&T customers can access information here.
If the service is not yet available customers can denote online to be contacted once service is available.