Streets & Signage

Division Overview

The Streets, Grounds and Signage Division is responsible for the maintenance of all Village roads, sidewalks, street signs, and 50-plus acres of public rights-of-way and medians along Routes 21, 60, and Butterfield Rd. While smaller jobs are completed with in-house staff, the majority of turf work is completed through the use of outside contractors. The Streets, Grounds, and Signage Division also assists with traffic control for variousWorker and Jackhammer parades and the coordination and setup of Village events.

Street Services

Specific services provided for streets include maintenance of the roadways, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, street sweeping, markings/delineation of pavement, snow and ice removal, maintenance of drainage ditches, culverts, and storm sewers, alley maintenance, and municipal parking lot maintenance.


Grounds Services

Specific services provided for grounds include turf and plant bed maintenance and planting at the Village Hall, Public Works Facility, Arbortheatre, Metra Station, Vernon Hills Athletic Complex, and Police Department buildings, as well as medians on Route 60, Route 21, Butterfield Rd, Hawthorn Parkway, Fairway Drive, and Lakeview Parkway.


Specific services provided for signage includes sign fabrication, repair, and replacement; as well as maintenance of the school flashing LED lights.