Manager's Office

The Village manager's office is responsible for overseeing and supervising the activities of all Village departments and divisions. This includes:
  • Coordinating the activities of the various departments and divisions
  • Ensuring that complex Village projects requiring the contributions of multiple departments are completed successfully
  • Setting priorities for the Village as a whole

Role of the Manager
The manager's office is also the primary link between the elected officials of the Village board and the 99 full-time Village employees. The manager is tasked with the important job of informing and advising the Village board about all significant Village matters.

The manager's office is also charged with executing the directives and policies set by the elected officials of the Village board. The manager's office works closely with the various boards and commissions set up by the Village board and other units of local government like the park district, school districts, library districts, as well as the county, state, and federal governments.

Coordinating Work for Events
The Manager's Office has an important role in coordinating and supporting the work of various Village departments and committees on the many special events put on by the Village each year. This includes events like:
  • 4th of July Parade
  • Arbortheater Concerts
  • Holiday Light Show
  • Summer Celebration
The Office also plays a major role in coordinating the publishing of the Village's quarterly newsletter called the Village Voice.

Office Personnel

The professional management personnel of the manager's office have years of experience and education in the field of public management and administration. This makes it possible for the office to carry out the many duties with which they are entrusted.

The manager's office staff pride themselves on being hardworking, thorough, and ethical in the carrying out of their jobs.

Please feel free to contact the manager's office at with any problems or concerns about the work or conduct of a Village department, employee, or the handling of a Village event.