Manager's Office


The Village manager's office is responsible for overseeing and supervising the activities of all Village departments and divisions. This includes:
  • Coordinating the activities of the various departments and divisions
  • Ensuring that complex Village projects requiring the contributions of multiple departments are completed successfully
  • Setting priorities for the Village as a whole

Role of the Manager

The Manager's Office is also the primary link between the elected officials of the Village Board and all Village employees. The manager is tasked with the important job of informing and advising the Village Board about all significant Village matters.

The Manager's Office is also charged with executing the directives and policies set by the elected officials of the Village board. The manager's office works closely with the various boards, commissions, and committees set up by the Village Board and other units of local government like the park district, school districts, library districts, as well as the county, state, and federal governments.

Within Manager’s Office are the positions of Assistant Village Manager, Human Resources, GIS Division, and Communications (Chanel 4).

The Assistant Village Manager’s duties include assisting in the management of personnel, planning, and supporting the overall activities and operations of the Village of Vernon Hills. Additional responsibilities include oversight of HR, IT, and communications functions; waste services, business outreach, community engagement, as well as special projects and events.

The Office also plays a major role in coordinating the publishing of the Village's quarterly newsletter called the Village Voice.

GIS Division

The GIS Division produces the Village maps and along with the Village Board works in a collaborative manner with residents, developers, and other agencies to monitor all aspects of development; is instrumental with maintaining the Village information technologies, and contributes to project management. Links to key maps are featured below:

Office Personnel

Our team includes skilled staff with extensive experience and formal education in the field(s) of public sector management, leadership, and IT. Staff members also have certifications and skillsets to effectively ensure the Vision Statement is adhered to and Mission Statement achieved.
Please feel free to contact any member of the Manager’s Office if we can be of service to you.