Welcome Officer Shikhirina and Officer Paret

Just one week after welcoming two officers back from their police academy training, and now we say hello to the two newest members of the VHPD - Kate Shikhirina and Matt Paret. Kate and Matt were sworn-in during a ceremony on 5/13/19.

Officer Kate Shikhirina is a graduate of Wheeling High School and DePaul University. Officer Matt Paret graduated from Grant High School and has a degree from Illinois State University.

On Sunday both Kate and Matt begin their three-month academy training at the Police Training Institute at the University of Illinois.

Congratulations to Officer Shikhirina and Officer Paret! We hope you have a long and successful career with the VHPD!

Officer Shikhirina takes the oath from Village Manager/Clerk Mark Flesischhauer.

Shikhirina Oath

Officer Paret congratulated by Village Manager/Clek Mark Fleischhauer after taking the oath.

Paret Oath

A friend does the honor of pinning Officer Shikhirina's badge.

Shikhirina Badge Pinning

Officer Paret's badge is pinned on by his father, recently retired VHPD Officer Jon Paret.

Paret Badge Pinning

With the assistance of Deputy Chief Pat Zimmerman, calling out "10-41" (starting tour of duty).

Shikhirina 10-41

Calling "10-41" is a symbolic way of beginning their career with the VHPD.

Paret 10-41

The two new officers and Chief Patrick Kreis.

Shikhirina, Chief, Paret