Welcome Officer Grant Smith

We'd like to introduce you to our newest police officer - Grant Smith. Grant was sworn in on Wednesday, 8/29/18.

Grant grew up in Lake County and went to Antioch High School. He graduated from CLC and is close to receiving a bachelor's degree from Western Illinois University.

On September 17th Officer Smith will begin his three-month academy training at the Police Training Institute at the University of Illinois.

Welcome Officer Smith! Congratulations!

Officer Smith is sworn in by Village Manager/Clerk Mark Fleischhauer.

Swearing In

Police Chief Patrick Kreis presents Officer Smith with his badge and hat shield.

Badge Presentation

Officer Smith's parents do the honor of pinning his badge on.

Badge Pinning

Deputy Chief Pat Zimmerman watches as Officer Smith calls out "10-41" for the first time - a symbolic beginning to his VHPD career.

Calling Out 10-41

Officer Smith and his parents, Helen Smith and (Officer) Don Smith.