Good-Bye Deputy Chief Davies

After an incredible thirty-eight year career with the Vernon Hills Police Department, Deputy Chief Richard Davies has walked out the door for the last time. That's correct, we said thirty-eight years!

Contrary to popular belief, we were using radios back in 1980 and not paper cups and string as many like to think. What is true is that when Rick began his career the Village was a fraction of what it is today.  In 1980 the Village retail consisted mainly of Hawthorn Center, Hawthorn Hills and Vernon Plaza. The rest of what you see today was mostly undeveloped. In fact, the Village boundary on Rt. 45 ended just east of Deerpath Drive.  Continental Executive Park was a farm,  Corporate Woods was an empty field. Gregg's Landing was part of Hawthorn Melody and Grosse Pointe Village was a nursery.

Here are some other things going on the year Rick was hired:                                                                                                                    

  • The Dow closed the year at 963.                                                                                                                                                         
  • The U.S. yearly inflation rate was 13.58% .                                                                                                                                         
  • VHS recorders were a "must have". (A Magnavox VHS recorder went for $699.00 and VHS was in competition with the Betamax format.) 
  • You could have picked up a brand new Pontiac Firebird for $5,992.00.  
That's enough of our trip down memory lane. Now, let's get serious.

On Tuesday, February 6, Deputy Chief Davies was publicly recognized at a meeting of the Vernon Hills Village Board. At the meeting, Village President Roger Byrne read and presented Rick with a proclamation in appreciation of his service to the Village.

On Friday, February 9, at a Police Department ceremony, Rick was honored in front of family, friends and dozens of Village coworkers. It was at that gathering where he formally called out 10-42 (ending tour of duty) for the last time as a member of the VHPD. 

It would be almost impossible to mention everything that Rick did during his career as every role he played included an element of supervision and/or made a significant impact on the Police Department and the community. However, here are some highlights from Rick's extraordinary career:

  • Promoted to Corporal in 1991, Sergeant in 1999, Commander in 2000, and Deputy Chief in 2012
  • In 1989 Rick successfully investigated one of Vernon Hills' first homicides. His hard work resulted in the identification, arrest and imprisonment of both offenders, one of which is still in prison.
  • He is a graduate of the Northwestern University Traffic Institute School of Police Staff & Command.
  • He has served as the Investigations Commander. 
  • He was a member of the NIPAS Emergency Services Team and the Lake County Major Crime Task Force.
  • As a Deputy Chief, Rick was instrumental in overseeing the Department's state-of-the-art Communications Center and he oversaw the renovation of the police facility at 754 Lakeview Parkway. He also supervised the Department's Evidence and Property program.
Rick, we wish you the best in the next chapter of your life. Your contributions to VHPD, the residents and the businesses will forever be remembered.

Please enjoy these photos:
Davies 2014

All we can say is.... wow.

Rick Early Years

Detective Davies hard at work.

Detective Davies

1984. Again.... wow.



CPA Spring 05

No, not Rick. :)

1961 Squad

His last week at the desk.

Last Week at Desk

Chief Patrick Kreis awards Rick's plaque.

With the Chief

Calling 10-42 for the final time.

Calling 10-42

Village President Byrne awarding his proclamation.

Proclamation Presentation