Internet Transaction Safe Zone

As part of a national effort to deter crimes that might occur during a transaction buying.pngthat began on-line, the Vernon Hills Police Department is allowing the use of the visitor parking lot and station lobby by parties who are engaged in such transactions. While the generic term Craigslist Zone is often used, in Vernon Hills it is simply referred to as an Internet Transaction Safe Zone.


The police visitor lot and lobby are available 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. (740 Lakeview Parkway - one block south of Rt. 60) Citizens DO NOT have to call first and, if they do, no appointment will be made. All we ask is that all parties in the transaction remain civil and law-abiding.

Police Role

Under normal circumstances there will be NO police intervention, documentation or witnessing to a transaction. However, should one of the parties request an officer, one will respond. Something else that citizens need to remember is that police cannot use the State computer system to run model numbers, serial numbers, etc. of items that are part of a private exchange.

Electrical Access

If needed, there is access to an electrical outlet on the outside wall to the left of the building entrance. (See photo below.)

Any more questions?

If so you can contact the Vernon Hills Police Department Crime Prevention Unit at (847) 247-4889 or send an email.
Electric Outlet Sign