Fall 2021 CPA - Week 8


A complete and comprehensive police firearms training program encompasses more than just learning how to shoot straight and hit a target.  It should also train the officer to make a use-of-force decision as well as how to act upon and respond to that decision.  As in any real life situation, not every challenge in firearms training should require an officer to use the weapon.  

The MILO Range Advanced training system offers the most advanced feature set available for interactive use-of-force and firearms training.  The system is made up of over 425 ready-to-train scenarios. It includes scenarios that require the trainee to make split second decisions shoot-don't shoot decisions.

In this week of the Citizen's Police Academy, Officer Dan Mead and Officer Tad Spencer gave the participants the rare opportunity to experience first hand this fascinating and state-of-the-art training tool. 

Officer Dan Mead instructs the class.

MILO Class

Officer Tad Spencer (left) at the controls of the simulator as a CPA member begins a scenario. (Note the simulator's laser weapon in the participants hand.)

CPA Member at MILO