Spring 2019 CPA - Week 2

Patrol Operations

In addition to going on a tour of the VHPD facility, this week the CPA participants met Officer Jennifer Weber and Officer Ulises Hernandez. Officer Weber and Officer Hernandez gave a great presentation on the function of police patrols - the "meat and potatoes" of law enforcement.  In fact, a couple additional police police officers were able to stop in and say hello.

Patrol officers have a variety of responsibilities. Many patrol officers also have a specialty assignment such as Youth Officer, Evidence Technician, Crash Investigator and FTO (Field Training Officer).

In addition to patrolling the village, responding to criminal calls and enforcing traffic laws, patrol officers handle a wide variety of public service calls. Officers Weber and Hernandez covered everything that a patrol officer does, from catching animals to responding to a homicide.

It was a great presentation (and discussion) and a very informative evening for the participants.  In fact, we think the participants received almost as much information in two hours as a new officer receives in one month of training. 

Officer Jennifer Weber talks about the equipment in the booking room.

Booking room