School's Open Safety Week

With school starting up again, it’s more important than ever to slow down when you’re behind the wheel.  At the meeting of the Vernon Hills Village Board on August 13, 2019, Village President Roger Byrne proclaimed the period of August 19 thru 23 as School’s Open Safety Week in Vernon Hills.

The proclamation coincides with the AAA-Chicago School’s Open Safety Week campaign.  You will be seeing brightly colored “School’s Open – Drive Carefully” signs (like the one shown here) throughout the village as a reminder to all drivers to exercise safety and caution.

As a driver, your safety awareness begins the second you start backing out of your driveway.  Remember, there could be children walking or biking directly behind you. When driving in a school zone, in a neighborhood, or near a park, expect a child to dart out into the roadway.  That’s right, expect it.  That way you’ll never be taken by surprise and you’ll be able to stop in time.

This time of year makes it even more important for all drivers to obey the Illinois "cell phone law"

Read the 2019 Village President's School's Open Safety Week Proclamation.

To learn about the law regarding passing a stopped school bus, click here.

Thank you for helping to keep the roadways safe!!

Schools Open Sign