A Block Party

Block Party Information

Having a block party is a rather simple process. In fact, reading the rules should be enough to get you started. The rules are:
  • All music and excessive noise must be terminated by 11 p.m.
  • At least 75% of the homeowners on the street affected by the block party must sign the petition on the application form granting permission for the block party to be held.
  • The participants at the end of the party must clean up all debris.
  • The Public Works Department will leave barricades at the liaison’s home on the Friday before the block party and will pick them up from there on the following Monday. The liaison will be responsible for the barricades should they become lost, stolen, or broken.
  • You must designate a person to act as a liaison with the Police Department should any problems arise because of the block party.
  • You must fill out an application and return it to the Police Department two weeks prior to the date of the block party.

Block Party Application

You can save yourself a trip to the Police Department by printing out Block Party Application (The above rules are also on it.)

The Police Department always tries it’s best to have an officer stop by at every block party to say hi to the kids and adults. We hope you have a great block party. Have fun!