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Auto-Attendant Phone System

Since mid-August, 2013 the Vernon Hills Police Department has utilized an auto-attendant phone system in non-emergency situations.  

Of course (and we can’t stress this enough), in an emergency situation the number to call is still 9-1-1.  However, when you call the non-emergency number (847-362-4449) you will be greeted by a recorded voice instructing you which button to press for your particular question or issue.

It’s a fairly brief and simple process. Unlike some other auto-attendant systems, ours gives you just five initial choices.  The longest you will have to listen is about 45 seconds.  (For most calls the caller will know much sooner than that which button to press.)   

It’s also important to note that the new system will not detract from the quality of services that we deliver. Actually, the opposite is true. It will be easier for the caller who already knows who he/she wants to reach, i.e. records, investigations, or administration.  It will also mean that the caller will not have to be transferred manually, which could sometimes take a minute or two (during which time the telecommunicator would also have to remain on the line).

The auto-attendant was implemented as a result of the consolidation of dispatch services with the Village of Libertyville and the the Village of Lincolnshire (which was effective October 1, 2013). Naturally, the consolidations mean an increase in calls, which means that additional personnel might have to be hired.  It's hoped that the auto-attendant will eliminate the need for more hires.

Currently, we feel that the auto-attendant system is the best way to effectively address the growth of the department.  If you have any thoughts or comments, please send us an email.