Traffic and Driving-Related Topics

  1. Bicycle Safety

    Read bicycle safety tips.

  2. Child Safety & Seat Belt Laws

    Travel safely with the whole family.

  3. Digital Proof of Auto Insurance

    Read about the Illinois law that allows drivers to produce digital proof of insurance when requested by a police officer.

  4. DUI - What .08 Means to You

    Learn what .08 (the legal limit of intoxication) means

  5. Electronic Communication Device

    Read about the law regarding driving while using an electronic communication device.

  6. Getting Pulled Over

    Find out what to do if you get pulled over by the police.

  7. Lidar Speed Gun

    Read about a new piece of speed detection equipment that the VHPD obtained.

  8. Motorized Scooter Laws

    View motorized scooter laws.

  9. Parking Restrictions

    Browse information about parking restrictions.

  10. Passing a Stopped School Bus

    Learn what the law is and what you need to do.

  11. S.M.A.R.T. Traffic Radar Trailer

  12. Speed Studies

    Learn why, when, and how the VHPD conducts speed studies. See the results of the studies.

  13. StealthStat Speed Tracking Device

    Read about a device that the VHPD can use to conduct speed studies.

  14. Truck Permits

    Here's the procedure if you need a trucking permit to conduct business in Vernon Hills.

  15. Winter Driving Tips

    Some great advise for safe winter driving.