A Message from Chief Mark Fleischhauer

Chief Mark FleischhauerWelcome to the Vernon Hills Police Department's website.

One of the secrets of success for any business or service provider, including police departments, is the ability to communicate and share information with our customers. In a public service field like law enforcement, it is even more important that we use every available tool to communicate effectively and professionally with you, our customers!

The Internet has opened up seemingly unlimited ways for us to enhance our services. You can register your bicycles, request a speed survey, learn about our programs and read the same news releases that are sent to members of the media, all from the comfort of your home.

We realize that our web site is only as useful as the information we provide. We’re constantly updating the information to keep the site as fresh and helpful as possible. The information we provide changes frequently, with new features and additions added every week. If you’re a new visitor to the web site or just browsing, I think you’ll enjoy it. If you’re trying to locate something specific, I hope you find it. If you don’t, I encourage you to contact us either via phone or e-mail.

Thanks for visiting,

Mark G. Fleischhauer
Chief of Police