Things You Should Know

  1. 10 Codes

    Here is a list of commonly used 10 codes.

  2. Alarm Ordinance

    Read the Alarm Ordinance.

  3. Animal Information Page

    View animal related ordinances and programs.

  4. Concealed Carry Prohibited Area Signs

    Read how to get the officially approved Illinois sign regarding prohibiting the carrying of a concealed weapon.

  5. Concealed Carry License Fingerprint Vendors

  6. Block Party Information

    Learn what rules apply to block parties.

  7. Copy of a Police Report

    Request a copy of a police report.

  8. Emergency Warning Siren

    Learn what the emergency siren means and what to do if you hear it.

  9. Curfew Hours & Ages

    Review information about curfew for minors.

  10. Fingerprinting

    Participate in a fingerprinting program.

  11. ICE Victim Notification Program

    Learn about the ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) Victim Notification Program

  12. Panhandlers

    A word about giving to panhandlers.

  13. Handicapped Placard

    Access information about handicapped placards for vehicles.

  14. Procedure for Recovered & Unclaimed Property

  15. Vehicle Stickers

    Find information about displaying vehicle stickers.