Safety & Security

  1. Active Shooter Information

    Learn what to do in the event of an active shooter.

  2. ATM Safety Tips

    Use ATM areas safely and protect yourself and your money.

  3. Firearm Responsibility & Trigger Locks

    Know your legal responsibilities for owning a firearm.

  4. Fireworks Safety and the Law

    Stay safe and legal when using fireworks.

  5. Frauds & Scams

    Be aware of potential frauds and scams.

  6. Railroad Safety

    Operation Lifesaver and other railroad safety tips.

  7. Identity Theft

    Peruse information about identity theft.

  8. Internet Safety Tips for Children and Teens

    Here's some Internet safety tips that parents should share with their children.

  9. Transit Safety

    Be safe when using mass transit.

  10. Tornado Safety

    Learn what to do if a tornado should strike or if you hear the emergency warning siren.

  11. Residential Security

    Get involved in keeping your residence and neighborhood safe and secure.