Metra Parking Passes

Services at Vernon Hills Metra Station

Welcome to the Vernon Hills Station on the Metra North Central Service line. Service is provided from Antioch to Chicago’s Union Station, Monday through Friday. A stop at O’Hare Airport Remote Parking Lot F provides access to airline terminals.

Daily Fee Parking

The parking lot has 680 parking spaces. Vernon Hills, like all communities on the North Central Service line, will charge a daily fee of $1.75 per space. An electronic fare box system is used for daily fee parking located next to the station house.

Collecting Fees

Fees are collected on a daily basis and fines assessed for persons failing to pay the proper fee. To avoid fines, please remember your parking space number when making payment. There is no fee for authorized individuals parking in designated handicap parking spaces.

For any problems or issues directly related to the electronic fare boxes please call the deputy communications supervisor at 847-247-4897.

Permit Parking

In addition to daily fee parking, the Village offers a two month prepaid permit for $55 which can be purchased at the Vernon Hills Village Hall or by mail at:
Vernon Hills Village Hall
290 Evergreen Drive
Vernon Hills, IL 60061

Pay to Park Machines

Three pay to park machines have been installed near the station. The automated pay stations are clearly marked with simple instructions. However, you might want to allow a little time to get used to the system until everyone becomes familiar with the new machines.

Prepaid Permit

You can download the Prepaid Permit Application or obtain one at the Village Hall. Cash or check is accepted only, no credit or debit cards. These permits are sold for convenience only and do not guarantee the holder a parking space.

Passport Parking mobile app

The free app will allow residents and commuters to pay for parking from a mobile device. The daily price remains $1.75 per day, but there's a 37¢ per transaction user charge. Commuters can pay each day or buy a wallet in the app to draw on as needed. Commuters will also be able to monitor the time remaining on their parking session, view payment history, receive email receipts of transactions and manage their account at Monthly Metra passes or use of existing terminals is not affected. In addition to Vernon Hills, the app can also be used to pay for parking in more than 50 other suburbs.
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Permits purchased after the first week of the first month of a two month cycle will be prorated as noted on the prepaid permit application.

Permit Rules & Policies

  • All permits are nonrefundable.
  • Lost or stolen permits are the responsibility of the holder and will not be replaced regardless of circumstances.
  • Permits are transferable to other vehicles.
  • Permits cover periods in two-month increments (e.g., January and February, March and April, May and June, etc.).
  • Permit holders may park in any space. However, the designated long-term or handicapped parking spaces are to be used for their intended purposes only. Use of a handicapped parking space requires a handicapped permit or license plates for handicapped parking.
  • Permits should be hung from the rear view mirrors and should face the traffic aisle.

Long-Term & Overnight Parking

The Metra Station has seven long-term parking spaces. The fee for parking in these spaces is $1.75 with the maximum number of days being 10 (excluding Saturday, Sunday, and holidays).

Parking Procedures

The procedures for paying for the additional days is simple. After entering the space number, press enter, insert the total number of bills for each day or press the value button for each day of parking, and then press the green button. Machines do not give change.

Parking Lot Security

The parking lot is patrolled daily by the Vernon Hills police. However, as in any public parking lot, please exercise normal precautions. Lock your vehicle and take the key and place all valuables and personal belongings out of sight. The Village assumes no liability for parked vehicles.

Additional Information

For any problems or issues directly related to the electronic fare boxes please call the deputy communications supervisor at 847-247-4897. If you have any questions or comments about the facilities you can email the Village at or call 847-367-3726.

The parking lot and station are operated by the Village of Vernon Hills and the train service is provided by Metra. For any further questions regarding Metra, please call 312-322-6777.